Humanity Paused

This is the latest poem/prose from Tricia and was written as she thought about the current pandemic and it's consequences for all of us. You can watch it here or on YouTube; and if you would like to download a copy for yourself, please CLICK HERE

Somebody's Child

Slavery and human trafficking is a huge problem in our world today. We wrote this song for a recording project called "Songs For Justice", that seeks to raise awareness of this.

Quiet My Soul

Quiet My Soul is a song that many of us will relate to. In this fast-paced, modern world, making time to slow down, stop and recharge is a necessity. Often, our minds are full of the things we should have done - not enough hours in the day. Sometimes we wake in the middle of the night with our thoughts out of control. Why does everything feel so bad at three o' clock in the morning? We wrote this song to remind ourselves to focus on the things that are true and to find peace in the storms of life.

All That Matters

A smoochy love song that we wrote a few years ago. We have yet to record a studio version but this little video, recorded in our apartment, has been enjoyed by many of our fans. Ideal for weddings!

Christmas Video

We finally got around to writing a Christmas song in 2009. This is the result and we always feature it in our concerts that take place in November & December.

Other Videos