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In The Forever (The Neighbourhood of God)

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In The Forever (The Neighbourhood of God)

When it is time
And life is written on my face
When it is time
May the long silence find me ready.
As the last sun sets for me
And the hush of the endless night consumes
It really will be fine.
Know that I will be at peace
And everything that you and I have shared
Is wrapped up in the past.
So do not starve the future
Or let sorrow quench your joy
With memories that weigh you down
Do not be anchored in the harbour
That I have sailed far from.
Your day is not done
Your sun has not set
And mine rises in another place
That you cannot see
And where you cannot be.
But when it is your time
I will be waiting for you
In the forever
In the neighbourhood of God.

©Tricia Richards 2022