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Somebody's Child

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A loving family kept her safe
Sheltered in a strong embrace
Showered her with love and care
She knew they were always there
Gave her wings so she could fly
So high that she could see forever
Never dreamed she'd fall so far

Someone's daughter
Someone's child
Men have bought and sold her
But have no right to own her
For she will always be
Somebody's child

Packed her bags and left her home
A chance to make it on her own
Mesmerised by city light
Seduced into a darker side
Fell into a stranger's arms
Captivated by his charms
Turned this girl into a woman

A million others just like her
In every city walk the streets
Selling all to stay alive
I wonder how they will survive
Who will help them to escape
From this prison of desire
Where everyone's a slave

Words and Music: Noel & Tricia Richards
  2013 Noel & Tricia Richards Music