1. Need To Love


You might be right and I'm wrong
I may be weak and you're strong
No matter where we come from
Why can't we all get along

Why can't we live side by side
Let go of all that divides
You can't hear my point of view
When I don't listen to you

We need to love
We need to show
We need to love
Each other as we love

Why does our truth make us fight
Why do we need to be right
Our fears flourish and grow
When we let prejudice show


Some say God rules over all
Loves all His children the same
So is He taking the fall
For all that's done in His name?


So I will try to be kind
And leave good memories behind
Knowing that when I am gone
This love will still carry on

© 2014 Noel & Tricia Richards Music
Lyrics: Noel & Tricia Richards
Music: Noel & Tricia Richards

CCLI Number: 7060519