Essential Tools for Live Performances

1 Water: It is so essential to keep hydrated when gigging. We find it really helps our voices to drink as much as possible before, during and after the concert

2 Spare Batteries: We use clip on guitar tuners when performing acoustic concerts. Batteries always seem to die in the middle of a gig, so we always have a spare pack handy.

3 TC Electronics Tuners: The best clip-on acoustic guitar tuners you can buy - Polytune Clip Tuner.

4 G7th Capos: These are the capos we use in our concerts. We use the G7th Heritage, Newport (6 String, Partial 5 String & Partial 3 String) and Nashville models.

5 Vocalzone: We get through so many packs of these on every tour. Vocalzone Original Throat Pastilles do help to maintain a clear voice.

6 Guitar Picks: We are using Snarling Dog and Jim Dunlop Nylon picks. 60mm size.

7 Spare Strings (Not Illustrated): Even though we change strings often, there is the odd occasion when we break one in the middle of a gig. So we always keep a spare set of Martin MA540 Light Gauge Phosphor Bronze handy.

8 String Winder: For replacing strings quickly in the middle of a gig, this is so useful. We use the D'Addario Pro-Winder

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